ECO-BORA LTD produces wood pellets as a source of biomass fuel. We use waste such as sawdust, wheat straw, maize cobs and peanut shelves as raw materials. Our main clients are industries using boilers, those manufacturing jikos and individual groups of person. The compressed pellets are dense with higher calorific value making them heat efficient. ECO-BORA addresses the challenges in electricity cost, deforestation and global warming.

The solution we provide lowers production cost in manufacturing industries, reduces deforestation and eradicate greenhouse gases e.g. carbon dioxide. Wood pellets are carbon dioxide neutral because the little CO₂ released is equivalent to that absorbed by plants during photosynthesis. Our input is already evident in: Job creation, recycle waste, saving the environment, and reduce production cost in industries.


To diversify energy use, protect our environment and reduce Carbon (IV) oxide emissions through production of best quality wood pellets from biomass.


To provide sustainable biomass fuel for use in industries and homes, expanding lives and creating change needed for society development.


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