Our stove comes in three categories. From basic package to the premium gold standard. Choose which add-ons you want for your school / business!


Bronze – Basic Package

This package comes without any add-ons and has the stove itself as the sole focus point.The package is designed for schools/businesses with a very limited budget or for those that want to try out the technology first before committing to more (installation of add-ons is possible later but not as cost-efficient).

Basic includes collectors and stove in accordance to school/business size and everything needed for the clean cooking experience. It further includes installation and the initial energy audit.


Silver – Expert Package

This package is for all those who seek to utilize the solar collector beyond cooking. The expert package offers what is essential for the next step in clean energy transition.

Lighting in the kitchen supports around the clock use and improves employee safety. A charging station for devices such as smartphones, fans, grinders or other small scale kitchen devices offers up new cooking opportunities and workplace comfort.

This package further includes all benefits of the basic package such as stove & collector, installation efforts and the initial energy audit.


Gold – Premium Package

Our premium package is for clients that desire a full clean energy transition. In addition to solar collector and stove(s) in accordance to school/business size, this package includes a range of add-ons designed to create a healthy, efficient and supportive environment for students and employees. The add-ons include lighting in the kitchen and other rooms, one or more charging station for small devices such as smartphones or torches, and a power connection for a medium-sized refrigeration device. A refrigerator itself can also be added per request.

The ability to refrigerate with solar energy opens up a broad window of opportunities for both students and businesses. Generators that lead to poor air quality and produce a monthly fuel bill become abundant. The variety of student meals can be increased drastically, and meals become richer in nutrients by use of dairy and meats.

Like the other packages, Gold-Premium also includes all installation efforts as well as the initial energy audit.


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