Derived from renewable forest by products and unmerchantable material, wood pellets from ECO-BORA provide a renewable, sustainable fuel source for Africa to enjoy. Wood pellets are the main product from Eco-Bora ltd.

This pellets have a low water content i.e. less than 10%; high calorific value and densely compacted.

Uses of pellets

1. Provide fuel for gasifires to generate electricity.(1 tone of pellet generate 4mw of electricity)

2. Powering boilers to generate steam.

3. Cooking and water heating in hotels and households (1kg of burn for 2 hours).


1. Industries with boilers

2. Businesses that are bulk consumers of fuel i.e. schools and hotels

3. Organization that design gasifiers

4. Groups of people.

5. Children’s home and orphanages e.g. Hands for change foundation Kenya.